Gabe was born in February 2009 and found abandoned as an infant. He has been diagnosed with a minor private issue.


Gabe is a happy, bright, sweet boy. His favorite activities are playing games and playing on the iPad with his friends. He enjoys toy cars and currently wants to be a policeman when he grows up. Gabe is a creative child who enjoys painting, drawing, and playing pretend. He is a kind, sweet, and smart boy who likes to help others and learn new things. He is happiest when playing with other children.


Gabe began attending a program run by volunteers in 2014. Since then he has improved significantly. Gabe entered the program as a timid child who rarely spoke or took initiative. He worked with a speech pathologist and an occupation therapist to encourage his development. Gabe now communicates well with adults, has a rich vocabulary, and can express himself well. The volunteer organization performed an IQ test on Gabe that found him to be above average intellectually. He has an aptitude for math and will happily do his friends’ math homework if you let him! He has been learning English for 2.5 years and is progressing very well. Gabe loves story books and will tell others about the stories he has read and discuss them at length. He can write his name, knows his numbers, can do addition and subtraction, and can read well. Gabe attends school in the orphanage. He plans to attend college one day.

Gabe can walk, run, jump, ride a bike, jump on a trampoline, use the swings on the playground, and play outside like a normal child. The orphanage says Gabe has good coordination and normal growth development. Gabe also has good self-care skills and can do most things without assistance. He has both bowel and bladder control.

Gabe has made great progress with some attention and affection from the NGO. An evaluation from June 2017 found him to be delayed in his growth and mental development though the volunteer organization believes these delays are related to a lack of attention, affection, and support prior to joining their program. The volunteer staff wrote that “Gabe needs an affectionate family who can provide all the deep hugs he missed when he was little and who will be kind and fun, never harsh. He loves hugs from trusted caregivers and loves to do sports with the dad volunteers. He longs for a family of his own and misses his friends who have been adopted.”


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