Bailey was born in March 2008 and diagnosed with being deaf.

Bailey, CHAC

Bailey was found by the gate of a local hospital in June 2010 so his birthdate is an estimate based on his growth and development.  When he first entered the orphanage it was discovered that his left hand and left foot were weak but as he received care he gained much strength.  By 5 years old he could he still shows a slight difference with his left limbs but other than that is no different than other 5 year old children.  Bailey has no language skills but is a very smart boy.  He understands meaning through eyes, oral words and gestures.  His report says that if you ask him to pick a toy up off the ground he will pick it up and give it to you with a smile.  He can help with many things and has good self-care ability.  He can dress himself, wash his own hands and feed himself.  He is very active and optimistic.  Bailey likes to play with big toys such as balls and tricycles and to run around.

Bailey2, CHAC - Version 2

A January 2015 update says he is an active and curious boy who is outgoing and can follow directions.  He is smart and likes to mimic.  When he was younger he was a bit of a bully to other children but now is is calmer and cares for younger children.  He likes touching and climbing and enjoys being with other children.  He hasn’t been taught math or writing but is does sound like he may be learning some Chinese Sign Language.