Ally and Greg

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Alley and Greg were born in May 2006 and found abandoned shortly after. They are twins diagnosed with albinism.


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They moved between foster homes in their first six months of life, before settling down with a foster family for just short of 9 years. They left that family for a new foster home last August. Though their home situation has changed, they always remain together.  They have developed well. By the age of 1.5 Greg was able to say some simple words and sentences clearly. By the age of 2, Greg was able to walk steadily. Ally was a bit faster and was able to speak at 15 months old. From a young age, Ally enjoyed playing with others. When she was 10 months old she would communicate through body language a desire to be held and taken outside.

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ALLY is a good learner who is expressive, respects others and gets along with everyone.  She is helpful and willing to share.  She is described as self-confident, outgoing, happy and lovely.  She likes running, riding bikes and dancing.

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GREG shares all of his sister’s positive characteristics and is also described as curious and kind.  He likes reading, playing basketball, and riding bikes.

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Both children are described as active. Between the ages of 3 to 6, they loved to be outside and play tag together. They played often with other children and got along well with them. Ally was described as curious and adventurous at this age. Both children had good imitating ability. The caretakers say Ally learned just as fast, if not faster, than those her age. They said that Greg would need others to show him how to perform a task (i.e. tie his shoes) a few times before he could grasp it fully and do it on his own.

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Both children are currently in fourth grade in an elementary school in their village. The teachers say that their grades are not great because of their poor eyesight associated with their albinism, but they are both clever and active. The caretakers say that sometimes the twins seem to be telepathic because of how in-tune to each other they are. When one doesn’t feel well, the other feels it too. Ally had trouble adjusting to school in the beginning, but is now comfortable thanks to the support she receives from her teachers, classmates, and her brother. Both children love to play outside at school. Greg has good coordination and is very interested in sports, especially basketball and swimming. Ally enjoys riding her bike, jumping rope, and dancing. They both enjoy school and get along well with their classmates. Ally and Greg are very clever.

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Ally and Greg were moved from their foster home last August because their foster “grandparents” felt they were too old to continue caring for the children. Their “grandparents” were important to them and they still visit them on the weekends.  In their new foster home, the children are becoming much more mature and sensible. They say that they feel the warmth of being cared for in a way that they hadn’t before. They have seen love when other children at the orphanage have been adopted by their forever families. Greg and Ally both want to be adopted and experience that same feeling.

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***   Grant up to $10,000 available for qualifying families   ***


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