Diana was born in March 2006 and found abandoned as a newborn. She was initially diagnosed with spina bifida and spinal meningocele, and later with chronic kidney disease and moderate anemia.

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Diana is described as mature, strong, polite and well-liked. Despite her complicated medical history, she continues to work hard in school, treat others with kindness and be optimistic. Diana enjoys music, drawing, dancing and reading. Her favorite musical instruments are the zither and the piano. Diana also really enjoys fashion and beauty. She likes to pick out cute outfits and do her hair to match! Her caretakers say she is hygienic, organized and enjoys cleaning; she makes her bed and tidies her room every morning without being asked.

Diana is well-liked by both her peers and adults in the orphanage. The adults feel that Diana is much more mature than peers her age as evidenced by her frequent, advanced conversations with them. She gets along well with her teachers and is described as both polite and respectful. Diana is in fourth grade and is said to be clever. Her medical needs mean that she misses school frequently, but she has excellent grades and reads in her free time. She is said to be above average intellectually.

Diana had her first had surgery in 2007 to repair her meningocele. Then in 2011, she had surgery to correct a neurogenic bladder. She had another surgery in 2012 to correct a nephroblastoma on her right kidney, and finally, Diana had surgery in 2014 to treat her chronic kidney disease (stage V) and moderate anemia.

Currently, Diana has dialysis twice per week and blood transfusions twice per month. She also has her blood and urine reviewed each week. She receives medications and a specialized diet to treat her chronic kidney disease and anemia.

Diana has agreed to be adopted by foreigners, which could make a significant difference for Diana’s health and future.


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