URGENT AGING OUT CHILD:  If not adopted before April 2018 Hansen will no longer be eligible for adoption. Hansen was born in April 2004 and was found abandoned at around 15 months old. He was diagnosed with post-operative cerebral palsy and has stated his desire to be adopted. Don’t miss his November 2016 update below!


Hansen’s adoption file was prepared when he was 11 years old and he was described as a handsome and obedient boy. He was said to be gentle, polite and sensible. He was said to be “bookish” and not one to create challenges with his foster siblings nor to ever lose his temper. He was a little shy around strangers but was an excellent communicator once he warmed up.

Hansen struggled with his motor ability and is more affected in his lower limbs, but after being sent for surgery through the Tomorrow Plan and rehabilitation treatments he learned to accomplish independence with many activities such eating, washing himself, brushing his teeth, dressing and undressing, and using the bathroom. His language development includes singing, reciting poems and  retelling stories. He could also draw, do puzzles and simple math. He enjoyed taking part in literary, artistic and performance activities organized by his institute. His intelligence was reported to be normal and he was said to have a good memory and strong language ability. He noticed when other children received family photo albums from foreigners and he hoped to also be chosen by a family who would love him.



In November 2016 agency staff met Hansen and said he was a sweet boy who was very smart and spoke clearly. Although he was a little shy he was still outgoing and they were told he liked hugs and only very rarely gets upset or angry. Although he isn’t toilet trained he does let staff know when he needs to go. He manages his own feeding and dressing but requires a little help with bathing. He sleeps well and staff noted he appears to be a very happy boy who communicated well with others. He showed appropriate emotions during their visit and they felt he had a special charm. He is wheelchair dependent due to his CP but has improved a great deal due to continuing to attend a rehabilitation training center.


Hansen’s favorite toys are puzzles and he enjoys painting, singing and telling stories to the other children. The orphanage staff said he has normal intelligence and that he’s a good helper, and a delightful boy with a very tender and sweet personality.


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