Kobe was born in January 2004 and found abandoned when he was around 2.5 years old. He has been diagnosed with post-operative Arthrogryposis affecting both wrist and elbow joints. An advocacy team met him in November 2016! Don’t miss his update below!



Kobe received surgery on his left wrist and plaster casting in June 2010, and then treatment for his right wrist a couple of weeks later. His report was completed in July 2010 when he was 6 years old and he was described at that time as stubborn but also polite, delightful and helpful. He enjoyed drawing and was able to express himself well. In school he was able to recite poems, write his name and some numbers, was said to have a strong memory, and understood reading and writing rules of Pinyin. He can go up and down stairs, jump, draw vertical lines, circles, squares and crosses. He can catch a ball and tie his shoelaces. He speaks in sentences, asks questions on his own initiative and has good hygiene.


In February 2011 an update reported that he was living in a foster family and that although his hands were disabled he was very smart and worked hard on his studies. He was no longer as naughty as when he was younger and would help take care of younger children by comforting them. He would greet strangers and was very polite. Kobe was said to have a quick smile and enjoyed playing games with other children. Although he’s not able to use his hands flexibly he is able to feed himself, put on clothes and shoes and use the restroom on his own. He is not picky with food, is a sound sleeper and everyone likes him.


An advocacy team met Kobe in November 2016 and he made a connection with every team member as he played. They said he is a handsome and sweet boy and that he told them he was waiting for a family to bring him to America.


Kobe was eager to tell them all the things he liked to do. His favorite things include Basketball, Badminton and riding a bike. His special need doesn’t appear to slow him down! He is able to run, jump, catch and bounce a ball. He was well coordinated and goes to school in his orphanage. He is learning to read and write in mandarin and his favorite subject in school is math. He eagerly shared that his favorite color was yellow and he enjoyed playing with blocks/legos. He also enjoyed playing with some glider planes the team brought and he wanted to color and draw for them.


They laughed with this handsome guy as he learned how to shake hands for the very first time. He connected so well with each member of the team individually. Kobe enjoyed learning new things and wanted to push himself to try everything.  An advocate said there was something very special about this boy. It was more than just what he could do, how he played or his medical need. It was Kobe’s spirit. He brought the fun to the room, he was eager to learn, play and make friends with the team.


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