Galvin was born in September 2003 (estimated) and was found abandoned when he was 3.5 years old.  He spent 60 days in a care center during the search for his family before being admitted to the orphanage.  During his physical examination it was determined that he is a healthy boy.


Galvin3, NB

When Galvin was 4 years old he was moved into foster care.  Initially he was introverted around his foster family but as he adapted to the new environment  he began to show his personality.  He likes various toys and sports, especially running.  He is also interested in art and especially enjoys painting.  He likes the color red and his favorite cartoon is Transformers.

At the time of his report Galvin was 11 years old and in the 4th grade.  He could run and jump freely but was slightly behind other children his age academically.  He could read and write Chinese characters and was studying ancient culture in school.  In math he could easily do multiplication and division but geometry was tough for him.

Galvin, NB   Galvin2, NB

Galvin communicates with teachers and classmates although some say he has an introverted personality.  He is more comfortable and shows his personality in a familiar environment and when playing.  He is said to be a cute boy who is well liked.  It sounds like the orphanage expected his birth family to come find him in the institute but up until the time of his report they have not had anyone inquire about him.  In 2011 his DNA was sent to an anti-abduction and trafficking department but there has been no match.  In order to provide Galvin with a permanent family the institute decided to prepare his adoption file and is hoping a family will come for him.


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