Jonah is a handsome boy who was born April 2003.

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  He was born with a tethered spinal cord which was surgically released when he was 1 year old.  At age two, he had surgery for one undescended testicle which is now corrected. His physical development is good – he runs, jumps, and loves to play sports.  Jonah is described as sensible, sociable and hard-working; a kid who gets along well with everyone and especially likes playing games with his classmates.  Jonah is in the fourth grade and doing very well.  He has a close relationship with his foster parents and gets along well with everyone.  In his video, he tells of liking to do homework and read.  He also shows off some great karate moves!


Does he know about adoption? Has he seen friends be adopted? How does he feel about being adopted?

Yes, he knows about adoption. There are several children around him have been adopted. He hopes he will be adopted by a foreign family. He is very envious of the children having the chance.

What are his favorite outdoor activities? Favorite indoor activities?

His favorite outdoor activity is playing with balls. Favorite indoor activity is playing computer games.

What grade is he in school? How is he doing in school? What are his best subjects?

He is attending public school out of the orphanage. He is in third grade. He is doing ok in school and his score is just so so. It’s all about the same, no specific one he’s good at.

What are his best qualities? What are his talents?

His best quality is responsible. When we go out having activities, he’s always the one who works to end picking up trash. In the orphanage he doesn’t show much, not found what special gift he has. He’s very general in every ways. He is a general boy.

Who are his favorite adults? Who are the friends he likes to be with? How does he treat children younger than himself?

His closest person is the nanny who took care of him. She loves him very much, but she just retired from work. His closest friend is a boy from his living group in the orphanage who also is attending same school with him. He treat younger children the same with all other kids, nothing special. But also because all the children in his group are about the same age, he is the younger one in the group.

Does he have a foster family or live in the CWI? If he has a foster family, how does he get along with them?

He’s living in the orphanage.

How does his special need affect his daily life? 

Not at all.

Does he struggle with walking, running, or jumping? 


Developmentally is he on target cognitively, behaviorally, and physically? If not, where is he behind?

Developmentally he’s about same with his peers  cognitively and behaviorally. Physically, he’s a little behind. He’s skinny.

Some pictures of Jonah from when he was younger:

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